Holocaust and Memory Courses at UMW

September 20th, 2011

The German Program at UMW offers a number of courses related to the Holocaust and it’s memory.

The Freshman Seminar “The Holocaust and its Representations in German and U.S. culture” (FSEM 100 H4 – 3 credits) introduces first-year students to the fields of Holocaust studies and Memory studies. It also develops students’ skills to write and speak about the topic academically.

The Online course Holocaust and the Humanities in the 21st Century (MDFL 201E) investigates approaches from different disciplines of the humanities to the Holocaust. How do philosophy, history, literature, film studies, and other discipline deal with the enormity of the event more than sixty-five years later? What can the Internet and electronic resources add to the study of the Holocaust?

The faculty-led one-week study-abroad course “Representations of the Holocaust in European Culture” (IDIS 350M/N/P/Z – 1 credit) takes place during UMW’s Spring Break and visits important memorial sites in and around Europe. On rotation, we visit Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary)as well as Warsaw and Krakow (Poland). It is suitable for students who have taken any of the other courses before or have a general interest in the topic.

The advanced seminar (taught in German) „Repräsentationen des Holocaust in deutscher Kultur” (GERM485d – 4 credits) focuses on German literature as well as architecture and memorial sites. Students in this class conduct individual research on an academic topic connected to the course theme.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany